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January 08, 2016  •  3 Comments

Was it ever an intense and passionate year...

2015 was a full packed 365 day bundle of red lips, gorgeous brides, to die for dresses and modern sleek suits for the grooms (yei for the daring guys!).  We had flowers, flowers and more flowers.  On the head, over the cars, along the church and in jaw-dropping table settings and décor from the top wedding planners in the country.  We had all sorts of locations and venues, from the turquoise sea washing up Tulum, to the other end of Baja California with an unbelievable oceanfront wedding at a marina, passing by many lovely mexican colonial towns and amazing Mexico City.  Ceremonies on rooftop terraces overlooking small towns, cattle ranches, old refurbished haciendas, historical sites now made wedding venues,  modern hotels and elegant reception rooms.

2015 brought all sorts of wedding styles with it, classic elegant, colonial mexican, rustic chic, eco-nature (yes,it's a style now involving a lot of greenery), a bit of industrial hip, and above all a lot of love in it.  There were loving grandparents, loving friends, loving moms and even loving horses and dogs.  I had my first australian and canadian couple wedding, and also got featured on international blogs! My work got published by Vera Wang, Green Wedding Shoes, Hooray Magazine and even Ebay International made a story out of it.  And then I breathed in and swore to keep this by long.  The passion.  The purpose.  The integrity of what I do.  

2015 was a challenging year, a year of striving to achieve, of hard work and determination.  It was a year of commitment to premiere customer service, to creating and delivering meaningful memories and the finest products in the wedding photography industry.  This was the year I finally understood the force of loving what you do, for nothing can beat the human soul on fire.  On fire to create art, express, liberate and to love.

Herman Hesse once said -music instead of noise, joy instead of pleasure, soul instead of gold, creative work instead of business, passion instead of foolery, finds no home in this trivial world of us-.  Guess what Mr. Hesse, in my world, it does.  All of it, and nothing less.

This the life I always imagined.  

And this is a tribute to the amazing couples from the year...


Maye Medina Mora(non-registered)
Muchas felicidades, tu trabajo sensacional, nítido, con expresión y calidez que refleja el estado anímico de los participantes. Me encantaron las de los perros.
Todas en general geniales, sigue así, tu trabajo llegará muy lejos
IUn abrazo con cariño
Pierce Lifestyle Photography
Silvia Garcia(non-registered)
Difícil escoger una q sea mi favorita, porque todas están increíbles!!! felicidades!!!!!
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Pierce Lifestyle Photography is a fresh and different photography concept that came to life on my best friend's wedding.  We planned our future when we were 10, and what do you know, 20 years later my camera and I were making our dreams come true.

It all started when she asked me to photograph her wedding by wanting something different and not the same old wedding photography.  Ever since then I wanted every wedding to be different, unique and very you. 

I love natural and spontaneous pictures, because life is like that.  I love happy, glowing, funny and into the moment, because, yes life is like that.  And most of all I love keepsaking your memories, because we remember life like that, as forever memories.

Engagement sessions, wedding day coverage, lifestyle shootings & family sessions are among Pierce concepts, as well as weddings taking place anywhere in Mexico or worldwide.

I love to travel and I'm always willing to hop on a plane and do a photo session in a new destination. Pierce destination engagement sessions and wedding packages are available in any city you're at right now.  

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